Houzz Recommends: Decorate Your House without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Houzz Recommends: Decorate Your House without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

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After living in a house for some time, most often you would like to redecorate it, as the same color and decor becomes mundane after a certain time period.

However, decorating your house all over again would require a substantial amount of funds. You can take out a second mortgage in such cases and use the proceeds from your home equity loan to decorate your house.

Such online mortgage is based on the equity build on your home. In a second mortgage, you take out a mortgage loan for the second time, on top of your first mortgage keeping your house as collateral. Thus such mortgages are risky if you are not able to pay them back in full.

Hence, the lesser amount of mortgage you take out the easier it would be for you to pay it back. Here are some tips on how you can budget on finance in order to avoid spending extra.

Paint Your House

painting your house

The best and cheapest way of changing the look of your house in to paint the rooms again. You should try to use muted colors that would go with various colored curtains and furniture in the bedroom, kitchen and other rooms. You can also choose a contrasting color with the items in the room to give the room a brighter look.

 Rearrange Your Rooms

You can try rearranging your rooms by shifting the furniture and other items in the room. Try changing the wall paintings or shift the lampshades from one room to the other. Many small changes put together will lead to your room looking quite different.

Try Using Theme

You can try using themes to decorate your rooms. There are plenty of wallpapers available at reasonable prices, which depict many themes such as seasons, sunrise, moonlit night and other random designs. You can match the wall paints with these themes and give your rooms a completely enthralling look.

Buy Second-hand Items

Use bankruptcy auctions, government auctions and online websites such as eBay to buy furniture and other decorative items and very reasonable prices. You can buy an assortment of items and use them in different ways to give your rooms a creative and attractive look.

Decorate Wisely

Decorate Wisely

In order to create a bigger impact of the change, redecorate the areas that are larger in the room. These are the walls, windows and floors. Floor carpets that matches with the color or theme of the room can change the look of the room drastically.

Choose Some Special Items

While decorating your rooms, try to put in one or the other expensive item at a prominent position. This will help in adding to the elegance of the room. All cheap items may just end up in making your room look cheap.

Thus by following the above budgeting tips to decorate your house, you can successfully change the look of your home without spending a substantial amount of money and burning a hole in your pockets.

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