How to Choose a Chainsaw for Home and Garden: The Secrets of a Successful Purchase

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It is difficult to imagine logging wood, sawing logs, cutting thick branches or sawing old trees without a good tool, so almost every summer resident, gardener need to buy a chainsaw. But the range is great, and difficulties with the choice arise for almost everyone, especially for those who have not previously owned such a technique.

In this article, we will look at which brands of chainsaws are better suited for summer residents and farmers, which features of various brands of equipment, as well as give average prices for products and analyze consumer reviews.

All chainsaws can be divided into three classes: household, semi-professional and professional

Household chainsaws are used for cutting boards, making firewood, during the construction of household building structures, and much more. As a rule, the household saw has a small power and weight and is designed for no more than 25 hours of work per month.

Semi chainsaws are designed for more serious loads. They are used in the construction of houses, with their help you can also cut trees. The duration of these chainsaws should be no more than 2-3 hours per day.

Professional chainsaws have the power that exceeds 2.5 kW. They are designed for a load of about 10 hours per day and are used in industry for cutting wood. The resource of such chainsaws is three times longer than that of household models.


All attention to the power

Choosing a chainsaw for giving or at home, first of all, we recommend you to pay attention to its power since the speed and depth of the cut directly depend on this indicator.

  • For work on the garden plot there will be enough chainsaws with a capacity of 1.5-2 kW;
  • If the chainsaw will often experience heavy loads, it is better to choose a model with a power of 2-6 kW.

When choosing a chainsaw, you need to consider that the more powerful the tool, the faster and easier it will be able to cut wood, however, such a chainsaw will also weigh more, and it will be more difficult to handle it. For this reason, when choosing a saw, take into account the ratio of power chainsaw and its weight.

Anti-vibration protection

During operation, chainsaws, especially if it is quite powerful, create quite strong vibrational vibrations that are transmitted to the hands of the user. This can affect not only the cleanliness of the cutting but also fatigue and even human health since strong vibration with long-term exposure can destroy joints.

In the design of most professional and semi-professional chainsaws, an anti-vibration system is provided, whereas household saws usually lack it.

The simplest anti-vibration system of a chainsaw is a set of gaskets made of thick rubber, which are located between the tool body and its handle. More complex versions of such systems involve the use of special springs at the site, damping vibration.

The presence of protection against kickback


534755In the process of working with a chainsaw, a phenomenon called kickback is often observed. So-called rebound saw in the direction of the person who works with it. A kickback can occur when the very end of a tire hits a tree. When choosing a chainsaw, be sure to specify whether there is any protection against this phenomenon in the model you are interested in.

Protection against the return blow happens two types: by means of a special brake or an additional guard. Brake is more common. It looks like a flap lever that switches to 2 positions.


Chainsaws should have good protective characteristics and have a low level of performance. Especially important is their high performance. Satisfactory service life is also required (correct running will increase the service life). When choosing a device, it is necessary to determine the conformity of their requests to the class of a particular model, as well as to take into account the overall quality of all parts and ease of operation.

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